Friday, February 26, 2010

funkiest kitchen ever

i found this little gem at the selby.
about the coolest use of blackboard paint ever – kitchen cupboards.
i am seriously obsessed with the stuff!
being an avid lover of modern/white/neat/uncluttered house design, i never thought this is the kind of thing I'd want one day – but it kind of is now.
also heart the blackboard wall below.

for some other seriously great house photography check out aimee's into my window


aimee said...

that is very cool! i've got a little project up my sleeve already that i think you'll like :)

feeling the love with the blog too - thanks! we def. need to tee up to do your housey house:D xx

heidi said...

Hey darling.. you seriously have the COOLEST blog... and I check it every day now. So lovely to be a part of your life -x-

liseycupcakes said...

wow this is fantastic. makes me want to own a kitchen . miss you my darling sis

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