Monday, August 24, 2009

what a laugh!

i spent the majority of my sunday evening trying to not fall of my chair with laughter.
VERY excited about board games at the best of times, but this one has just topped it.
called things... humor in a box – and it really is!
played with the usual sunday night crew of the groenewold brothers/partners/me the tag along.
the basic concept is you get a topic like:

THINGS... you can never find.

THINGS... dogs are actually saying when they bark.

THINGS... you shouldn't tie to the roof of your car.
each player writes down whatever comes to mind.
you read them out loud and then guess who said what.
it's a hoot.


christine said...

I want this!
There's nothing better than a good wet-your-pants-rolling-round-on-the-floor type of laugh! [except for the wet pants that is!] ;)

Sarah-Jane said...


1. NEVER knew you had a blog. Kept that secret.

2. I feel like im famous ive seen myself more then once on here, and dont i just look amazing ha ha

3. Things...ah the joy and expecially when people like *cough cough* myself dont always take the time to think before writing, much like speaking for me really.

Much love.

P.S I heart your family :)

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