Monday, August 31, 2009

my new pad

mel (my housemate) and I have a new 'house'!
it's a 2 bedroom duplex in bateman.
we love.

funky 60's bathroom & sunroom out the back.

the living area, only very chucked together at the moment.
still need more furniture and decorations etc.
stay posted for the final 'product' in a few weeks.

i heart my new room.
cousin daniel (blonde daniel) made mel and i same SWEEEEET wardrobes.
i even have drawers for my shoes!
need to purchase a bed base, but the floor is fine for now.
saves a lot of injuries with not being far to fall.
still in the habit of falling out of bed at 27.
my favourite photo of 'the three musketeers' in pride of place on my dresser.
...and 'sock monkey' lives on : )


aimee said...

wohoo! let me know when i can come take pretty pictures! i think this house deserves some film love:) i like it how your room kinda sorta looks the same, even in a new house :D and those cupboards are pretty swish!
see you soon xx

christine said...

Love your new little housie darling! When I first saw the bedroom photos I thought it was your old room :] comforting to have it the same. Can't wait to come and visit
Love you xx

liseycupcakes said...

Mum says:
hi to the pretty girl in the kitchen. perfect shelf for the teapots, they get pride of place. sorry to be repeticious but your room does look the same. 'sock monkey' is getting a friend in the mail soon named hoot! sunroom looks reeeal sunny, i can see myself staying there one day. lots of love, mum x

Elise says:
you cant spell for nuts! drawER ;)
Gorgeous little place you have moond. I love you room (that yes looks the same as your old one hehe) im happy to see you have an important spot for 'sock monkey' i made :D
i love you lots, settle in well xxxx

Mandy said...

thanks guys.
my room is the same, cause I don't buy new stuff for it every time i move! (oh and i love it just the way it is)
aimee, you're definitely invited around for a photo shoot when it's done. said...

Cool home... :)

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