Thursday, April 4, 2013

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i was very spoilt early in the new year with lots of interstate visitors.
it was especially great having my big sister come and stay with me.
nothing like an early morning summer swim at leighton beach before breakfast.

a very sweet new teapot from my darling mum.
added to my collection of pots… which is still growing.

the beautiful tess drew me this beautiful horse as a birthday gift.
the girl has some serious talent!
(check out her elephant drawing here).

browsing at the free markets I came across my dream sofa.
it was not for sale.
even if it was i'm sure that (a) it would be out of my budget and (b) my apartment couldn't fit another couch anyway.

having fun at home creating a little frame for my front door peephole.
i remember growing up, watching friends and thinking the gold frame on monica and rachel's door was fantastic.
so i made my own.

we have been having some seriously stunning sunsets lately.
God has an amazing colour palette!

i adore the little red velvet cake sarah-jane made me for my birthday.
(this was her inspiration – i love having friends who read my blog).
did i eat half of it in one sitting?

i have some great friends…
i got another awesome present, from another awesome friend, to watch birds of tokyo when they came to perth a few weeks ago.
amazing live.
just amazing.

but really no present in the world can equal love…
like the kind you get from beautiful little nephews.
little lewis, you have stolen my heart.
my siblings have to stop having children i think, because sometimes i feel there is no way i can possibly keep loving more of these precious little bundles.
but i do.
and i will.

i am thankful.
i am blessed.

1 comment:

carlien said...

so sad i missed the amazing sunset last night!
here's to many more memories!

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