Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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so maybe i have inherited a little bit of a green thumb from my mumma's side of the family...
my little herb garden is thriving!
it's so wonderful to have fresh herbs with nearly every meal i make.

my brother ben (right) did so great at the mini triathlon this past weekend.
he got 9th which i think is SUPER impressive considering the competition.
second cousin jayden (left) did even better coming in 6th.
i hope i don't let the bosveld name down since i plan on entering the next one.
top 3 women is my goal – just finishing is more realistic.

spent a fantastic sunny long weekend down in mylup with some great new friends a little while ago.
the gorgeous klazine and i made some seriously impressive sandcastles/sand birthday cakes.

the most adorable little dress for the new princess lara.
i cannot wait to meet her at the end of the year.

love spending saturday morning at the local markets.
we cycle there, eat huge delicious breakfasts, stuff our backpacks with fresh veggies, eggs, bread or flowers and then cycle home.

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