Monday, April 9, 2012

30 before 30 recap

seeing that i'm a month on from my 30th birthday i thought it was about time i gave a little recap on my 30 before 30 list.

this little project generated a LOT of interest and became a pretty common conversation piece with friends and strangers alike.

to start with i'm going to explain i never had any false expectations that i would get the entire list finished in one year.
the main idea behind it all was to write a list of things i personally wanted to do and try to get some of them accomplished.
without the list i wouldn't have tried to achieve half of them.
would i have made a big effort to run 10km if i didn't publicly note it?
most probably not.

i never intended to 'disrupt' my life for it either.
i wasn't going to miss other opportunities that came up or put aside important events for the sake of a list.
it was more about getting the most out of life, rather than putting life on hold.
so if i hadn't quit my job mid last year, i may have made pizza dough and bought a bike, but never gone to europe.

it was also a self motivation exercise, further spurred on by the fact that i made published it on my more-popular-than-i-thought blog.
i'm really touched by all the support and interest in it.
so thanks!
especially to my darling friends.
24 out of 30 ain't too bad!

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