Tuesday, January 10, 2012

30 before 30 update

6. host a FABULOUS dinner party [done]
must do anther one (hint hint emma b).

9. bake a cake [done]
well technically not correct.
i made a cake.
totally counts in my book, since i've never baked a cake before.

24. update my design portfolio [done]
what a loooooooong process.
even to the point of a beautifully printed little book now.
job hunt, job hunt, job hunt.

27. detox [done]
i count my detox as an 9 day long natural foods only thing.
no alcohol, no sugar, no preservatives, no processed food, heaps of water etc.
did make me feel a whole lot healthier.
got to try it again.
or just consistently eat really well.


emma b said...

Seems like you're kicking goals! When is the skydiving booked? We shall chat soon re: dinner party :) xo

Heidi said...

So very proud of you my beautiful friend. Can I see you portfolio sometime?
Love you millions

elise.kate.design said...

truely an amazing work of art!! x i love you

Maria Matiopoulou said...

I've just discovered your blog! I'm definitely following. Continue with your list, it's really inspiring for everybody!



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