Friday, November 5, 2010

friday i'm in love

dear double shot long black,
thank you for giving me a boost this morning after very little sleep last night due to an overactive creative mind 'moment'.

dear mini notepad,
thank you for being next to my bed for me so i could write and sketch these thoughts at 1am.

dear sylvia,
i don't know how you survive on such little amounts of sleep with a baby.
i'm half zombie today.
i hope you have a wonderful weekend and a fantastic birthday!
thank you for (inadvertently) trying to catch up to me in age again.
we'll grow young together babe.

dear weekend,
thanks for coming back around again so soon.
i really appreciate it.

image from the amazing friends of type project.
worth checking out!


shopgirl said...

Great sign! It reminds me of the song!

BarelyVogue said...

Lovyyy fridays.I am now following your blog to keep in touch!!

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