Thursday, September 30, 2010


just another snippet of life...

i'm totally addicted to pickled ginger.
can't get enough of it.
but really what else do you eat it with but sushi rolls.

i have found the most divine hand cream in the world.
in denmark of all places.
it's from love & toast.
honey coconut flavour.
yes flavour! i want to eat it.

checked out the wonderful colour bursts of wild flowers in kings park after work.
i drive past everyday.
thought it's about time i stopped for a stroll.


christine said...

I love it all darling - so beautiful. Sorry it's been so long. Those photos of your trip are just gorgeous - i love the one of the boys pushing the bus! Oh and I love sj's pressies - yes we do love all the same stuff! Love you and miss you xxx

katie lauren said...

nice handcream :)
the flowers are oh-so-pretty ... i think they are everlastings... its been a while since i've seen those! i don't think we get them here :(

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