Wednesday, July 7, 2010

wishing for what i can't have

right now that would be for me:
(that feels ever so far away – rugged up in 5 layers of clothing)
evening beach walks
(exercise still out of the question for my body, let alone attacking uneven surfaces like sand)
with bunky
(it's an understandably difficult notion to leave good friends behind when you move across the country. but it's a tougher concept to have one of my best friends leave from my 'new' home.)


aimee said...

aw mands :) we should have a cup of tea one of these days :)

love the picture! it looks like you've got a bit of faux tilt shift goin on :)


bunks said...

miss you too love:)
ill come back to visit one day

nutty natty said...

love the photo, def captured the afternoon walk on the beach feel.
I wish for the same thing right now.. maybe just the first 2 ;)and I'll take my tassie friend Yvette instead of bunky. xx

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